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web publishing tool: snapshot


When using the web publish tool in the screenshot mode, is there a way to manually locate the file?

Is this file overwritten at the time interval that the web publish tool is told to update?



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The snapshot feature of the web server can generate images either as png or jpg. In LabVIEW 8.6 and later, the default which is generated by the web publishing tool is the png format. In this mode everything happens in memory so there is no snapshot image file generated.


In the jpg mode there is a temporary file, however it is not always the same file and the file is deleted after it is uploaded to the client. I would not recommend trying to use this programmatically.


If you need more control over a snapshot of a front panel (and you are using 8.6), I would recommend making a custom web service that takes a picture of a VI's front panel and returns it to the client. Then you would have control over the image.


Let us know how it goes.



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Drat....I have version 8.5....but I believe version 8.6 is available to me.

I need labview to somehow to take a screenshot of itself at a regular interval, much the same way that the monitor option in the web  publsihing tool works.

I cant set up labview to run a webserver because the IT guy at the university wont allow I just need the pictures. Any idea?


Thanks again. 

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 You can just write a simple VI that takes a snapshot of a VI at regular intervals and saves it to some location. Does it have to be web triggered?


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It doesnt need to be web triggered. If the VI you have shown can run at the same time as my other VI that I need the screenshots of, this would be perfect.

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