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I'm developing a project with a Real Time module. I have some reentrant VI (I select the preallocated option) in the PC Host and other one in Real Time module. I want to control this subVIs via browser. I create the html pages for the Real Time and for the PC. My problem is that the PC rentrant subVI doesn't work and the Real Time one yes.  

What happen is that for the PC version I see the subVI that doesn't run.

Can someone help me?




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Sure.  The 7th function from the left, three rows down, is mis-wired (I'm just guessing, since you failed to post your code, preferably the entire Project, zipped up by compressing the Folder containing it).  Much more efficient than having us guess.  There's a nice quote from RTSLVU (look him up in the Forum) that expresses this better ...


Bob Schor

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While Bob is right that posting code helps, I know what this is and there isn't a solution.  The Web Publishing tool relies on the front panel controls of the RT VI to send and receive values.  Front panels don't really exist on RT and it is a bit of a work around that this magic works.  Well when VIs are reentrant this fixes stop working because there are an unknown number of front panels missing.  As far as I know there is no official way to get the Web Publishing tool to work on reentrant VIs.  There are 3rd party tools that can generate a webpage from a VI and these have some support on RT but usually not enough to make this work. 


NI's suggestion would be to wrap the setting and getting of control values in something like a user event, which gets triggered on a Web Service call.  This can work but doesn't scale well, and as far as I can tell is pretty static.  There isn't say a checkbox for setting and getting all controls on a VI, or how to handle the reentrant issues.  It can be done but I've never done it and see it as a pain.  Then you'll have to setup the client to display things how you want.  However other 3rd party solutions will have similar issues.  Sorry this isn't easier it is something I've wanted and needed and am still evaluating my options.

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Unfortunally I cannot post my code. I'll try to build another one and ask for your help.




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Hello Bob, Hello all,

I found time to build a new project in order to answer to Bob request.

In order to reproduce the problem you have to:

1. open the project;

2. enable the web server;

3. create and save the web page for the main vi;

4. create and save the web page for the subVI vi;

5. run the main VI;

6. open i.e. in order to show the main and the subvi html pages.


You'll see the main html page working and the subvi html page in NOT RUNNING mode. My request is: how Can I see the reentrant VI on i.e.?


I received an answer that I accepted as solution...


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