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waveform chart with date & Time

Hello I am trying plot a Temperature Data on a wave form chart but I have not succeded so far under the conditions I am looking for: I am aquiring the temperature data through thermocouples from a NI PXI thermocouple module(no problem), since my DUT is running cycles between -40 deg C and 90 degC and 1 cycle = 160 min I need to see the entire cycle on the chart and the previous histrorical data, the total cycles that I need to run on my test is 200, so I what I want to see on my chart is, on X axis, Date and time and being able to see one cycle on the screen (about 2.5 hours of data) and with a cursor bar move back to see all the previous temperature data, if possible. Is there a way to do that ? I appreciate your help, thanks. Eder
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Hi Eder,


It always helps to upload your code along with the post so that others can understand your problem. From what I can understand about your problem, I guess you're trying to plot the thermocouple data against time (date-time format) and have cursor like features on your waveform chart to record and view the time-history of your long experiment run.


Here is a link for plotting time in a format you require -


Also, here is another link for using the Graph Pallete in a Waveform Chart


Hope this helps. Cheers!

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