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want to continuously read position from a stepper motor while moving it

I'm writing a LabVIEW 7.1 application that involves sending move commands to a ThorLabs 3-axis translation stage. This is being controlled via stepper motors which in turn, are controlled via a BSC103  controller (USB link). I can send move commands to the unit fine, and also read position. What I would like is to have a real time display of position, while carrying out move commands.
In previous programming work I've been involved in, this kind of sounds like a detached process kind of thing. Can this be setup with LabVIEW 7.1?
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Search the Labview examples for the ""

I think that is (or something similar), what you want.

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Had a look at the Very impressive. Through that, I've been able to get my application to run with continuous update of stepper position.
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Hi there. I know this is an old thread but I would be interested in knowing what NI hardware you used to send the move commands (pulse trains), to your 3 axis driver??.
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Looks like datalog hasn't 'logged' in in nearly 4 years.


I suspect from his initial post that he was not using any NI hardware but rather sending commands and recieveing data via the USB connection to the drive.



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Sorry to hijack an old thread... I was trying to find the "" you mentioned, and I couldn't find it. Does anyone know how to find it, or has a copy of it they can post?



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The is not to be found in the Example finder.

There are some good vi's located in the folder "Robotics -> Control and simulation".

Go through the simulations and find the one which fits your project best.

I have attatched a picture showing the example finder.

I would recomend looking at "SimEx Robot Differential" or " Quadcopter Dynamics and".



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Thank you!

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