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voltage acquisition NI cDAQ-9184



I am new in Labview and I would like to create a program to display the voltage reading, a graph of the voltage vs time and the elapsed time. I have already started a VI but when I run it this message appears :


Error -200077 occurred at Property Node DAQmx Timing (arg 5) in DAQmx Timing (Sample Clock).vi:4730001->Main>Main

Possible reason(s):

Requested value is not a supported value for this property. The property value may be invalid because it conflicts with another property.

Property: SampClk.Rate
Requested Value:  0.0
Maximum Value:  26.666667e6
Minimum Value:  22.250739e-309

Task Name: _unnamedTask<12>


I use a NI cDAQ-9184. I have attached my VI to this message. Any comment is appreciated! Thanks! 

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Can you put your vi in ​​an earlier version? I have unfortunately only labview 2015



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Here it is.


thank you for having a look !

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Hi Pauline,

Basically what the error message is telling you it that the DAQmx Timing VI (the one with the blue stop watch on it) complains about being asked to set a Sample Rate of 0 Hz. Makes sense somehow.


This happens because LabVIEW reads the Sampling Rate Control on your VI the moment you start your application by clicking the run button. If you change the value afterwards and click the "Start" button on your Front Panel afterwards, the Timing VI still gets the previously read value of 0 Hz. To check if this is the problem: Set a value greater than 0 before clicking the Run arrow. The error message should not pop up.

If this is already sufficient for you, you can also set a value different from 0 as Default: Right-Click the Control on the Front panel, click "Date Operations... » Make Current Value Default".


If you want to fix your VI's architecture, you should put the task set-up VIs into the "Play" case of your Event structure, and maybe add a dedicated, additional data acquisition case as well.


Does this explanation make sense?


P.S.: Thank you for attaching your vi straight on your first post, this makes troubleshooting so much easier!

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