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I have a problem by LED function inspection test. This is on Vision Builder AI program. There is a camera, it captures an image. The images have a little different gain, brightness, contrast values, so the later inspections have different measure values. I would like to make a picture comparison between a captured image, and a reference image. After then, I would like to set the gain, brightness, contrast values automatically, like the reference image. 



How can I make this? Whitch program? LabWIEV or Vision Builder AI?


Thank, for your help!

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Dear koma1989!


Is your problem still open?


If yes, I suggest you to try with VBAI first, and if the results are not good enough, you can change to LV to create a more traceable application.


In VBAI, (I'm using 2011 SP1) please choose the "Other.." option from "Run Inspection" section. Examples will open, and you can try out some, so you can get started easily in VBAI.

I don't think there will be an already working solution for this application, but in my opinion you could put it together from example applications.

If an example appears in Inspector interface (In title you can find "...-Inspector-..."), you can switch to edit mode via Inspection >> Switch to Configuration Interface


From the examples I recommend you the followings:

- Tutorial 4 - Tow cameras inspection

- Classify Colours Example

- Inspect Contours Example

- Segment Color Image Example

- And examples related to State diagram, since you have to check for differences, and than correct the image, so some processing regarding to the differences.


I hope browsing examples will help to get some ideas, if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to post them.




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