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vision acquisition express vi is missing in the functions panel

I want to acquire an image and perform shape recognition program on it. I have the vision and motion 2010 module installed to my labview 2010. The problem is I could not find any "Vision Acquisition" express VI in the functions panel!!! Please help me. I've attached the screen shot too...

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Hi Elan,


It is possible that there was some problem in installing vison. You might want to try reinstalling Vision. That should help you locate Vision Acquistion Express VI (before doing so, do search in the 'express' VIs section and also "Search" for it using the palette search option.)


I would sugest you use low level IMAQdx VIs instead of express VIs. The VI for Image Acquasition is attached.


Hope this helps.

Kanchan Bhakoo
Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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I have the same problem: just finished a clean installation of LV2011 SP1 with Vision & Motion add-on. Everything works fine, but "Vision Acquisition express VI" is nowhere to be found.

I tried to download your example, but the IMAQ components are also missing. Nevertheless, on my functions paleete there are a lot of IMAQ VIs!

Any help would be really appreciated.


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If you have valid licence number, you can download ans install / re-install Vision Development Module or Vision Acquisition Software from NI's website, just do a search.

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Antoine Chalons

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I have license for LV2011, I installed V&M for evaluation.

Just re-installed the latest V&M downloaded from NI website, same as before.

The V&M palette has some voids, as if some VI is missing?...

Same problem on my colleagues' computers.

Any idea?

Thanks & regards



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Finally solved.

Although V&M installs some vi named IMAQ_*.vi, it doesn't install the whole IMAQ package.

IMAQ must be downloaded and installed separately:


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Indeed VAS (Vision Acquisition Software = NI-IMAQ) and VDM (Vision Development Module = image processing librairies) are separate installers.


Other thing that is "surprising", the fact that Vision and Motion are in the same palette, if you want this to change, vote here!

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Antoine Chalons

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this is the solution xdaf, just download and instal this package


Smiley Happy


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i have installed VAS(vision acquisition software) and VDM(vision development module) but ni imaq elements do not appear . please help !

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i have the same problem and the link you added of the solution is invalid anu one have a solution ?

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