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visa tcp ip


Je cherche un exemple de visa tcpip simple pour m'aider pour mon premier essai.

Je souhaite raccorder un MC redlion a mon pc pour faire de l'acquisition de données, j'ai fait mon reseau avec max mais au niveau programmation ça ne marche pas(erreur E/S).Ci joint mon prog avec juste une visa read,le nom de la ressource, le nombre octect et le buffer.

Merci pour votre aide


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What is the VISA Resource you are using? The default value in your VI is blank.


Do you need to send some command to the device before it starts sending data back to you? Can you provide a link to documentation for the device you're using?

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ok, tanks for your response,

the modular controler red lion (model; CSMSTR-SX) have been configured to comunicate in MODBUS / TCP:IP, after consulted to red lion's service center they suggested us to change the controller priority to slave, but wihtout success. in this configuration it is not neccesary to send any command to the device. we'd like to create a VI that permets us to read the data from the controller.


 link to the data sheet:


thanks in avance

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You may want to start with the Introduction to Modbus. You do, in fact, need to send a command to the device in order to get a response. That command-response is part of the Modbus TCP protocol. VISA doesn't implement Modbus, it just provides direct access to a TCP connection. To talk to a Modbus TCP device, use a library such as the NI Modbus Library for LabVIEW, or the LabVIEW Modbus API.

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Ok merci, j'ai trouvé ça marche

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