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visa sessions

s you can make whatever changes you want to make our vi work correctly.

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Then it seems a shift register for with an outer for loop would be appropriate. Or, simply use another read of both channels, connecting to the first read with the error clusters to enforce data flow. A state machine is another option and again, shift registers would be used. You can use a separate shift register for each channel or combine them into an cluster before writing to the shift register.
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Sorry i am not much expert of this software so can you please send me its vi made by you.

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Sorry, no I can't. There are numerous free tutorials that you should have taken. Did someone else write this code?
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No it was made by me but i had tried shift registers it was not working fine thats why i asked you to make  that vi as i had tried solutions told by you but they were giving me problems

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Anyone can code badly.  It takes discipline and at least some formal training to write code that is both sound and easily understood.  LabVIEW just makes it a lot easier to write bad code than most languages.


Please take the tutorials.

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