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vibration acquisition

hi everybody.

Is there a way to accelerate data acquisition with an accelerometer. When i ran my vi the loop should iterate one a second. But as i have other programs running, when i count the number of data i should have, i notice that there is some missing points the file written from the acquisition. I'm using a NI9234 module with a pcb 100mv/g accelerometer.

Anyone has a clue how we can accelerate the loop time iteration to have exactly the desired data even with other tasks running after the acquisition. 


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Hi M.ezzakkar,


You're already half-way to this, but you might want to read about Producer/Consumer design.

This would allow you to remove all of the local variables, which will perhaps help a tiny bit with speed and a lot with reliability.

Consider just enqueuing the latest data and doing all of the "graphing" in a Consumer loop below.


I'd also suggest using the DAQmx nodes rather than the DAQ Assistant - in this case it probably isn't the critical problem but it will make your code easier for others to read at a glance.

It also gives more control in case you need to try tuning it in order to optimize throughput etc.

You can read some starting tips here: Learn 10 Functions in NI-DAQmx and Handle 80 Percent of Your Data Acquisition Applications.

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