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vi for tmcm 610 in labview



    i need labvire VI for TRINAMIC TMCM-610. kindly give me the required link for that... or any other solution..??

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Hi muzzammilch544,


It appears that you are using a third party motion control board. You might want to check their website below:




Nathan S.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Actually i want to control a color sensor through TMCM610 i/o ports. i have easily controled stepper motors. but now iwant to control a dc  motor through i/o port. kindly let me know how to do it usnig labview...????

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Hi muzzammilch544,


It is still unclear exactly what you want to control (color sensor or dc motor?) and what type of I/O port you want to use to communicate with the board.  It looks like this board supports RS232 and USB communication, which are both possible using NI-VISA in Labview.  There is no existing program that I was able to find which facilitates either one of these interfaces so the development portion may be up to you.  Here are links to 2 great tutorials for using VISA for USB and Serial communication:


USB Instrument Control Tutorial:


Serial Instrument Control Tutorial:


You will also need to visit the link that Nathan posted previously in order to get information on how to communicate with this device over either of these interfaces.  It appears they have some prexisting resources such as DLLs that you may be able to take advantage of.


Also, I was able to find this post on the Trinamic forums with some detail on the matter:  You will most likely have better luck directing any device specific questions you have to that forum, and keeping only Labview specific questions here.

Justin D
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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