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vi braks during execution

Hello, Hope you can help with this.

I have and executable in labview and it contains a tabcontrol that calls different vi's when tabs are selected. somethimes not all the time(it is very hard to replicate) some of the vi's are not loaded when changing the tabs or they do not refresh. I can never make it come back to its original state until I reinstall the executable. The only time I have seen this is when a vi is not executable on the development system but I don't know how a vi can be broken in the executable when it was working before. Thank you.

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Hi Bertha,

i have some questions.


Are the dynamical loaded vi's part of the executable?

When do you load the dynamic vi's? All at ones at the beginning or with the value change event?

Do you get an error code?

Can you show your vi?


Try to help.


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Thanks for the reply


yes the vi's are part of the executable

they are loaded and unloaded when the event(tab) change

I don't get any errors the tabs are still loading the vi but it is just not working the same anymore until I recopy the executable and other vi just does not show (these are different instances that I have not been able to replicate, I am just afraid that it could happen at any time)

There is main vi that calls the others(7 vi's or so) do you want to see all?

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Bertha wrote:


There is main vi that calls the others(7 vi's or so) do you want to see all?

Hi Bertha,

i think it would be helpful. 🙂

Do you load the vi's into a subpanel? Do you copy it between different pc's? Maybe it's a timing issue.

If you can't upload all vi's, then the main should be enough.



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Yes, the vi's loaded into a subpanel. I copied from the development pc to another pc.

Here is the main, let me know which of the other vi's would you like to see 

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Hi Bertha,

you should check if you get an error. Maybe there is already a vi present in the subpanel, or you get an error from another place. I can't run it, because there are a lot of vi's missing.

You can activate the debug option for your application, to see where an error occur.



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Also use the probe to see the values that are on the wires while the program is executing.  It may give an indication of the source of the problem.
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