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using mutliple versions of LabView

I am using 3 different versions of LabView right now (7.1, 8.0, 8.2). Mainly because I haven't had time to upgrade all our software to 8.2. Some of the programs I don't want to upgrade yet because I don't have time to fix the bugs that come with updating them to newer versions of LabView. My question is weather LAbView knows which version of LabView to use to use to open VIs when I open them through windows explorer or if it just defaults to the last one used.

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Basically, LV opens VIs in the last version you started (although 8.2 has an apparent bug in that area).

If you force explorer to open VIs in a different version (right click the VI and select Open With...), then it should start trying to open them in that version.

Dataact makes the LabVIEW version chooser, which I believe should make it easier to select, but I haven't tried it.

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thanks tst
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