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using labview to communicate using wi-fi usb adapters

this is amit jain , a student of delhi university currently pursuing my bachelors of engineering in instrumentation and control. i am in my final year of my graduation and i am currently working on a project where i am going to control a level control unit from a lab which is at some distance from the lab in which the control unit is kept. so it means we have to acquire data and then send it to the other lab which we planned to do with two wi-fi usb adapters which sits in the usb ports of the two computers. now one more thing we are developing our project in labview and labview doesnt have built in vis for wi-fi. now we came to know that if we have to interface wi-fi with labview we have to do it by using the functions that are there in the dll files of the drivers that came with our device. but our problem is that we have list of the functions but not the prototypes, i mean the return types , parameters that needs to be passed in to those functions.
the network which is setup between two usb adapters is an ad-hoc network. i just wanted to know whether this network is based on tcp/ip protocol. and can we use inbuilt tcp/ip vis to communicate between two wi-fi usb adapters. i mean in that case we need not interface our devices with the labview.
please reply.
thanks so much in advance.
amit jain 
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Your adapters will communicate via standard TCP/IP, all the low level details are handled by the OS and the drivers that come with the adapters.
Just use the TCP/IP tools available in LabVIEW. LabVIEW does not need to know if the communication is wireless or wired, it's all the same to the application. 🙂

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I am looking for a similar solution, but need something lower level. I really need to scan the available wireless SSIDs and associated power levels.


Thinking about using wlanapi.dll in the system32 dir. Here we have a wlanscan function which might work.


First need to call wlanopenhandle


So far, I havent been able to get it working. LV will crash on wlanopenhandle function. I suspect my input paramters are not set up correctly. Wondering if anyone had any examples out there?

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