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using github for version management for Labview VIs



I am working in a project where many engineers work with LabVIEW's VI files remotely. For us version management of files are very important and we are extensively using version management systems. Although we used SVN and TortoiseSVN for LabVIEW, we were looking for ways to use the Git and hosting it at GitHub. There are many advantages of Git over the SNV. I could not find any good resource and tutorials on how to use the Git for Labview. I found a way to use the Git for Labview. Based on my findings I have made a tutorial on it.

Tutorial on using GitHub as the version management system for Labview coding.

Git: a popular system for version management of programming codes.
Github: online server for hosting the repository.
GitBash: command interface for Git command.
TortoiseGit: GUI interface for Git.  
Labview: a graphical development environment that makes scientists and engineers more productive.

Tutorial contents:
1. Initial setup for Git (installation, user account, SSH keys)
2. How to make a clone copy of repository at your local computer.
3. How to add and modify a file at local computer and push it to the Github.
4. See the comparison of working version with previous version of text file.
5. How to call the LVCompare.exe to compare the Labview VI files from TortoiseGit.

Please share it with your community.


Dr. Mashiur Rahman :: Research Fellow :: ACC Lab :: Neuroscience Research Partnership :: Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
61 Biopolis Drive :: #4-12 Proteos Building :: Singapore 138673 ::

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The video link is broken. Don't know what the reason.

Also, I have started a LabVIEW GIT user group. You might want to join and post your materials there.






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Hi Mike,


I have found that video was in private mode for a while. Probably my kids pressed wrong buttons while watching YouTube.


Thanks for your invitation in GIT user group. What is the URL link of it?


Please enjoy the video.




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I use git to do my version control. I don't use tortoise at all in my setup. I use the commands directly to do my updates, commits, pulls, and pushes. I find it quite easy to do. Some things I would suggest:

1. make each vi a separate file

2. create a file structure that is easy to do

    a. I have a directory for each class, and access and method directory under the class.

    b. top level directory contains the project file, ini file, etc.

3. mark the project so the vi split the compile code from the source. This allows no updates to the source when you compile the code with different versions of labview

4. create a build process so that it creates the install then create an installation program.

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