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using cRIO chassis slots for general-purpose

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i have cRIO 9004 and cRIO 9103 chassis, labview 2011...


as i know, cRIO chassis controls its slots if there present any module or not.. if detect anyone, read EEPROM and so on..


but how can i control cRIO chassis slots for my own general-purpose without any module...

when i create projects, it just shows me as chassis I/O

* chassis Temperature


* Scan Clock

* Sleep

* system reset


i couldn't write anything from chassis slots and see on oscilloscope screen, (for example: using as analog or digital output) ... 



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Well that's because you can't do that without use of "custom development kit"

Every slot isn't standard i/o, these manage certain bus of national intrument, and if you try use then will have to create a circuit and program a driver. 




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thanks for your reply


in fact i have...


-module development kit 2.0

-compactRIO module support 4.0.1

-NIRIO 4.0


i know which pins i can use for DIO or etc.. 


the point is, i haven't thought that it is not possible without hardware.. i read the manuals but couldn't create all structure in my mind..

So, as i understand from your message, i have some programs but it s not possible to controlling chassis slots without hardware.. am i right?




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Accepted by topic author davut
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Try to follow the steps like you will create a new module. Like in this example, but jumping the circuit part.

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