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using Labview with Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition


I will like to use labview to detect when a 'mouse click' command has been said to the Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice recognition software and force the mouse click to happen. Currently, Dragon only recognizes the 'mouse-click' command when the mouse is hoovering over a button (or clickable area) on the screen but does not respond when the mouse is  hoovering over an arbitary area (an area where click on the screen doesn't do anything) of the computer screen. Is there a way I can force a mouse click when this 'mouse click' command is given to Dragon?


Or there is a recognition history that Dragon has, which records that a 'mouse click' command has been said, is there a way that LabView can access this history record to see the last command/word that has to said to Dragon and if it is a 'mouse-click' command, force a mouse click? This recognition history can be accessed manually by going to the DragonBar => Words (drop-down list) => View Recognition History




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Ms. Temi,


Sounds like you have an interesting project planned.  I've found some links that may assist you in developing this.  First, you will have to know how to interface LabVIEW with Dragon Naturally Speaking and what properties and methods you have access to through Active X.  You can check out the documentation on Dragon Naturally Speaking to find more information on this.  There is also an older example linked below that you can work off of.


Voice Recognition in LabVIEW (An old example which is not guaranteed to work with newer versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking)


active x dragon naturally speaking commands


Programmatic Mouse Click to Launch Menu


Please take a look at these links and see if that helps.



Chris LS






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