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using Cpp code and header files with LV8 CIN

I have three pieces of C++ code and their header files that are called from a Main C++ code.  I want to call these from a LV8, code interface node (CIN).  I have the C++ compiler installed on teh same machine as LV8.  My questions are:
1) How do I call the C++ code anf the header files from the LV CIN?  I have never doen this. Is there a concise manul for this somewhere?  Teh last thing any self-respecting engineer wants to do is read the manual.Smiley Happy
2)  Once I successfully call teh C++ and header files from within the CIN, can I create a LV runtime executable, just as I can with any other LV8 .vi?  Will this runtime .exe run stand-alone as a distribuatble application?  Do I need to include any special runtime files when I build the exectuable to support teh C++ code?
Thank you.
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