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use labview 8.x file layout with interop dll



I am using some (locked) 3rd party LabVIEW source and wish to create an interop DLL to interface with from C#.

The 3rd party LabVIEW requires that the 'Use LabVIEW 8.x file layout' in Advanced settings is checked in order to create an operational EXE (otherwise path-based errors are encountered during execution: error code -8016).

I receive the same error when I attempt to utilise the LabVIEW via an interop DLL. The 8.x file layout option is not available in the interop build properties. There is an option for 'LabVIEW 2011 compatibility mode', unfortunatey, this does not remedy the issue.


I can build a standard DLL (this type of build output does have the 8.x file layout option), although I was hoping to leverage the easier integration with .NET provided by the interop approach. Is this possible?


Thanks and regards,


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I have zero experience with either build type, but I can say that the .NET option was added after 8.x, so it seems unlikely that it would support the old build type.


Assuming you can't get them to fix the code, the only thing I can think of which might work is to possibly play around with creating a copy of their code, creating wrappers around their code, having those wrappers call the code dynamically (they would need to find the path) and then building the wrappers into the assembly. This most likely means that you would need to move the original code around with the assembly, and even then, it seems too unstable and brittle.

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Hi Knight,

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm afraid my LabVIEW ability isn't currently up to attempting your ideas (complete noob). I'll probably gain more ground on the standard DLL/unsafe C# route.

I have contacted the supplier to see if they can alter the source and get round it that way.




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