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usb visa control bulk in error

i am trying to send data from my pic18f4550 programed using flowcode to the pc on labview using the usbrawbulk control example but i am unable to send or recieve the data the error i keep getting is the timeout error

i am using proteus virtual usb simulator and i have generated the .inf driver file from visa driver wizard

1)how can i get the brequest and brequesttype hex values to send and recieve data for the pic18f4550

2)how can i use the labview visa read and write to communicate and fix the current error


and thank you 🙂 

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I am not sure I can provide exact infomormation, but I recoomend you to read about here:

- brequest and brequesttype:


You can find examples about LabVIEW USB Raw communication:







I hope you can find useful information there.


Best Regards,

Peter Vago
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