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usb 6356 PWM

Hi. I am working on a project and USB 6356 is only device which is avaliable to me. My project is about mixing red green and blue color to get different shades of white. I'm planing to do that with RGB LEDs and 3 drivers for LEDs. Drivers needs PWM signal in range 0-90% on dimming pin. So I need to generate 3 PWM signals, one for each driver, and I want to do that with USB 6356. Frequency needs to be higher than 100 Hz which I guess is not a big deal for this device. I want to know if this is even possible with this device and if it is, I would ask someone to post me working code in LabVIEW for this problem. Thanks in advance.

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If all you want is someone to do your project for you, that's not asking a lot now is it?  Smiley Tongue


You can spend ~30 seconds on Google and find multiple implementations of PWM in LabVIEW.  As you haven't taken that little bit of effort, I'm not inclined to do it for you.

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I have already modified one code that i found and it should be working but when I tested it on device I get proper PWM only on one output pin. On second and third pin I get only glitches. Thats why I was thinking that this kind of project might cant be done on a 6356. Or maybe I should try with different approach.

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This is code i tried to use. 

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