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updating distributed application

I have a distributed application that I had sent to a customer, including the installation file with LabVIEW real time engine.  After testing it, they wanted several changes, one of which included a sub VI not included with the original.  I rebuilt the application, then sent them the .exe file.  The customer deleted the previous version and copied the new version of .exe to their computer

The customer has commented that the file will not even run.  

1.  Is the problem because I only sent them the .exe (application) file, and not the .aliases and .ini (Configuration settings) files?  I guess that makes sense, now that I read the type of folder. 


2. Because I added a new sub vi to the program, do they need to have a installer file?  I noticed one of the steps in the installer requires all files to be called out.   This kind of contradicts the idea that if a customer downloads LabVIEW run-time engine, all they need is the application file.


3. Do they need both?  Both files together was 1.2GB large, because I had to include an extra installer, DAQmx Application Development Support.  


metzler CLAD
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Hello metzler,


I would go with number 1.

In my opinion 2. would be necessary if you introduce new hardware or software modules to the project.


A better error description would sure be helpfull.

Maybe you can test it on a fresh system.

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1. I have no experience of LVRT, but from a normal .exe standpoint it is enough.

2. No, but it can be nice to make an "upgrade" compile, which is an installer without the runtime.

3. The suggested installers when building should be enough, did you uncheck some? Yes, runtime and DAQmx are large together, but it's a one time install and includes driver for many things. Though it shouldn't start the 1st time either if stuff is missing.

4. It's always good to have a 2nd computer (virtual or real one) to perform the install and double check it works on your computer before sending it off.


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As it turns out, the VI does still function, the part the customer was testing was no longer working - I still have to determine why that is.

At this point, the answer is only the application (.exe) file needs to be upgraded, even a sub vi is added.  

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While investigating the application build, I discovered the two other files that are built along with the .exe are necessary.  The .ini file includes the font size and style.  I assume the aliases file includes the hardware designations.

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