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update my scale


I would like to update my scale x this way:

if x is between 1 and 9 so increment by 1

if x is between 10 and 90 so increment by 10 each time

if x is between 100 and 900 so increment by 100 each time, and so on

I thought to implement a case structure and test the variable x, but it will over burden my program

Can anyone help me please

Thank you in advance

My best regards



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How would a case structure over burden your application?  If that overburdens your application, you have a lot more issues than this.  A ranged case structure would be the way to handle your scale problem.

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I have other tests to do in my code, and what I wrote in my first message is just a part of my code

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I'm not sure what you mean by updating your scale x, but it's pretty simple to go from 'x' to your increment using 10^(floor(log_10(x))


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Here is a simple function that converts an integer into an "increment" (so 1-9 returns 1, 10-99 returns 10, etc.).  I added a test for 0 and negative numbers, treating them as though they were 1, but you could modify this to better suit your needs.


Bob Schor

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