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unable to open webvi projects with lvproject extension

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I downloaded   webvi examples from
The project files are with   extension lvproject .  I changed the name to lvproj  but I was still not able to open it. The file is reported as corrupted. 

I have labview 2020 with me. 

Any help is highly appreciated. 

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Accepted by topic author lvnewbee2020

If you take a look here ( you'll see the lvproj extension is for LabVIEW 202x (and 201x, etc) and the lvproject extension is for (the now discontinued) NXG.


If you want to open those, you'll need NXG instead of 2020.


Apparently at some point in the future (I have no idea when, but it was one of the most popular things about NXG) the web module will make its way back to LabVIEW <year number here>, but for now it's not possible.

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