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.txt filve into wave form

hello everyone i would like to know how to do an wave graph by me having a .txt file with 3 columns witch the first is time (S), second volts (v) value and third current (A) value I need to put those values into 2 XY graph wich the first graph is time ((x axis) and volts (y axis) and second one time (x axis) and currente (y axis), ill put the .txt file in here to i would really like some help if possible

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Although I haven't checked the text file, I think you'll have some success if you start with Open File -> Read Text File -> Close File and use the Spreadsheet String To Array function to convert to a 2D array of doubles.


You could also consider the From Spreadsheet File VI.


When plotting the graph, open the context help (Ctrl-H), mouse over your graph, then click the link for Detailed Help in the context help box. This will lead you to information about the data types that are accepted for multiple plots on one graph. 

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the text file is just 3 columns and 100 lines each one has values of time another one has values of Volts and the other Ampers and i want to make 2 graphs (Volts vs Time and Amperes Vs Time), ive tried something in the program i would like to know if its possible for you to see cause i cant connetct a graph into the cluster, i would really like some help cause im kinda new to this program, i would like to know if you can make me an example.

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Go to Help -> Find Examples


Search for Graph


You should find something to get you started on how to put values into a graph.  The rest is using the read from spreadsheet VI already mentioned

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You are using a waveform graph which needs a start time, dT, and an array of Y values assuming equally spaced X values.


When you have X values and Y values, you need to use XY graphs.

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