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turning on and off traces within a chart

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I am working on an optical imaging system. The data comes in from a DAQ from a maximum of 64 detectors, and then all these traces are plotted on teh same chart. 

At 64 traces it is practically impossible to determine which detector trace isn't working or has an unusual trace, when I am debugging. 


Since the code for the imager is very large I wrote a small code to show what I am trying to do, the code however is for 6 traces and that number is hardcoded

in my example while the number of traces is variable depending on how many detectors the user decides to use.


Any suggestions would be appreciated .


Thank you!

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Use property nodes for the waveform chart.  Use Active plot to determine which one you are going to operate on, and Visible to write a True or False to it to make it visible.


Do this in a For loop having a boolean array that determines whether it is visible or not.  See attached.  I also put in a couple other comments about things you don't need to do in your VI.

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