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trouble with setup builder in LabVIEW 8.2.1I

I want to build a setup program with LabVIEW 8.2.1 and ran into troubles.

Predefines for my setup "TestApp"
  - buildpath for setup program: D:\project\builds\Full-Setup
  - build specifications:        include additional installer (DAQmx8.5, NI-VISA4.1)
1. The first build of the setup program "TestApp" works fine.
   Testing the just created setup on the same machine works. Installed program also.
   Deinstalling the program, because of missing additional files in the setup.
   Removing setup from buildpath and adding missing additional files to the setup.

2. During the build of the new setup, I am prompted to specify the path to a component
   which is needed by the builder for the new setup. As default value for the path
   selector I see: D:\project\builds\Full-Setup\Volume.
   What the heck is that? This should be the destination path and not a source path.
   I cannot change the directory, because the builder doesn't let me change the path.
   And I don't know which component is meant to be used, because the name of the component is not shown.

3. After about 6 or 8 hours of investigation and frustration I found the following:
   "System Settings -> Add/Remove Programs -> National Instruments Software -> NI-VISA 4.1 - Repair"
   I can select which distribution to use for the repair. My setup program "TestApp"
   is located at the top of the list. This is different to DAQmx 8.5 for example, where my
   setup program "TestApp" can be found as second entry in the list.

   I'm assuming the following:
   The setup builder of LabVIEW takes the first entry from these lists as default source
   for components to be included in a setup program. But it is not possible to change the source.
   In a later step I found, that my setup or distribution "TestApp" was registerd in
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\Common\Installer\Distributions .
   This was done during execution of the setup program.
   Deinstalling the program "TestApp" will not remove the registry entry mentioned above.
   The remain of this registry entry leads to the behaviour described under 2. .
   After removing this entry manually, the setup build works fine again.

   1. Why is the registry entry not removed during deinstallation of my program ?
   2. Why is my distribution "TestApp" placed at top of the list at NI-VISA, and not
      at DAQmx ?
   3. Why is it necessary to register a distribution with all included componenets,
      when components are allready installed from other distributions ?
   4. Why is it not possible to change a component's source path in the setup builder
      like in Add/Remove Programs -> National Instruments Software ?

Thanks in advance for the explanations and tipps


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I recently encountered a very similar situation. An installer CD for an another application that I had created (ie, non NI distribution media) and no longer have, was required. The builder needed this media for "NI System Components". The MS Windows Add/Remove Programs window had no entry for "NI System Components". I uninstalled and reinstalled all NI software, but that did not fix the problem.


Uninstalling/reinstalling or repairing NI software apparently does not fix entries in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\Common\Installer\Distribution registry section.


The solution is to examine (or search) the entries in this registry section (they are listed by GUID with what appears to be version number(s) appended)) and locate the each entry with a distribution media for those that you do not have. Once again, try to build the application installer. The build will fail, but you will now see a list of software components that can be found in the MS Windows Add/Remove Programs window. Uninstall and reinstall these NI software components. Now your application build should succeed.

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