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trouble selecting a dropdown when using activex ie browser

hi Folks,

i made a code that basically enters infomation in a web browser programmatically through activex and submit it after the entering it. when trying to select a value in a dropdown, i am able to enter the value and display it on the webpage. but when submitting the webpage, the page thinks that no value was entered even the dropdown displays the value that i'm entering. I'm attaching the snapshot of the webpage and of my code. would love to get feedback to understand what i might be doing wrong. 



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Does the "error out" terminal contain an error on that node?


Any chance you can post an actual VI and not just a picture?


Are you positive that the drop-down you see there has a data type that can be set with a String wired to the variant?  Without seeing the web page code it's hard to know if it's a string or a numeric with string labels.

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