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trigger daq with short pulse


is it possible to trigger a data acquisition with the output-signal of a PCI-DCF77-card?

I have a DCF77-receiver which generates a short impulse at the beginnig of each second. Now
I'm looking for a realisation to trigger a continuous data acquisition with this signal.

I would be gratefull for every advice.

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Here is another link for a discussion posted from another person using the DCF77, click here to get to the document, maybe you will find interesting to contact this person.

As for asking of it is possible or not please give more detail in what kind of hardware, software, connections, etc., you are trying to use to see if its possible or not. If you need assistance in data acquisition help please contact us (info at: using the DAQ Support Group or in the DAQ division of this Developer's Zone to get more details in your process. Good luck!

Nestor Sanchez
Applications Engineer
tional Instruments
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