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transfer tree control to subprogram as XML

Hello George, thank you so much for guiding me. I have another question relatecd to my project. In my tree, If I have Cell String = "Numeric_Input" then want to delete parent item of that family and replace it with child's value (S_VOLT_65_1). I am attaching image to clear my idea. Just need guidance for using the Property Node function to do this. How I can replace on particular child item in place of parent item

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To accomplish this you will first need to know what the tree tag is for the item you want to edit.  You'll have to come up with an idea for how to do that for your  application.  For editing, look through the available tree properties (property node).  The Active Item and Active Cell sets of properties can be used to edit cell text.

The tree item tag is not necessarily the cell text - the tag will default to the cell text but Labview will add "_1,2,3..." if the tag already exists.  Once you know the tag of the row you want to edit, set the column number that you want the Cell String to apply to.

To delete an item, see Method>Edit Tree Items>Delete Item.  You'll have to first find the item tag that you want to delete.

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Thanks Gharris. I got the Solution as you suggested. Sorry for such late reply as got another important project.  

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