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tracking objects via video

does anyone know how to track objects (here animals-scorpion) via a video. I use a Grabbercard and IMAQ, but no clue how to realise this. Max grabbingrate is 20pps. thanx
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Hi Thomas,

You can certainly do this. What you need to do is to substract one frame from the previous one. This technique can be used in security cameras etc., since what you get left after the substraction is what has changed (or - moved within the Field of View).

Hope this helps.

Morten Jensen
National Instruments
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I am looking for a similar solution (swimming crayfish); right now I record the animals and track them with paper and pen on the TV screen...
I tried to find a software which can do this "subtracting" or "comparing", but could not find any. Any suggestions?
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Hi Torsten,
I think i found a way to realize it in LabView, and got some Suggestions. Now I just need to turn it into reallife ;).
I it works, i let you know! send me your e-mail & I get back to you
It will need LV, IMAQ, and a Grabbercard (Phytec, pci4Grabber).
It will be possible to detect movment, distance, speed, distribution of appearance (and more if calculateble ;))

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