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timer function till some boolean become true


I want that a loop waits till some boolean from another loop becomes true.

Is it possible to make it with a kind of timer?


Thanks in advance

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Why a timer? You could use an event structure with a user event. You could wait on a queue or a notifier. These are preferred methods for waiting for data from another task.

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As Mark mentioned, here's how notifiers can be used to do what you want:



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Just don't (ever) name those Notifiers (nor queues)!


Naming them will essentially create a global. Nothing good will come from it. Unless it should explicitly be a global, do not give them a name. At some point you want this behavior twice. So you make the VI\code reentrant. Now you have two unrelated VIs communicating with each other.


Give the constant a label. That will show up in the probes. The name of the Notifier doesn't do any good, and a lot of bad. IMHO, but I've seen it go sour quite a few times.


I've seen libraries that used "Main" as queue name. And then 3 people searching for hours, because their template names queues with VI name - ".vi". They named their main VI


Just be warned... 

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