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the url it generates is

THe url generated by the webserver process is and the page keeps coming up with the not available error
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It seems you are on a cable modem and most likely Emeka is the computer name you gave your box while "" was the domain name obtained via DHCP from roadrunner.

Thus, this is not a public, registered domain name and will not resolve via DNS.

Two possibilities:

(1) You have the computer connected directly to the cable modem:
Open a command window and type ipconfig. You'll see your IP. This needs to go into the URL, e.g.:

(2) You are behind a router running NAT?
In this case your computer will show an IP from a designated private range (192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, etc.). If you try to connect from another computer on the same private LAN, just use that private IP address as above. If you want ousiders to connect to your
box, they need the public IP of your router AND you need to configure the router to forward incoming connections to the serving port (probably port 80/TCP in this case) to the private LAN ip of your server. (If your router supports loopback, you can also reach the server via the public IP coming from the same LAN, else you are required to locally use the private IP).

Let me know if you need more details.
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