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the evaluation version is not running on my system

dear sir

i am using windows 7 as my OS.the evauation version of latest labview is not getting installed on my machine .My friend have installed that version on the same Os . can please me what to do? 

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You would need to include more information for anyone to help you.  I would imagine you might have had a error message or some other info giving a reason why it did not install?

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actually when i install the software it prompt for device driver CD when i chose later in the popping window it dnt show the buffering of installation it directly gives message "installation complete".

where it dont get installed at all.; but when same procedure is repeated by one of my collegue it gets installed completely. 

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Hey Susant!

Can you provide some more information about what exactly is the problem you are facing?

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actually when i install that version on my system it demands for the device driver CD but on that pop up window of 'device driver" if i choose later the installation get terminated.

This same procedure when my collegue did(by choosing 'later' on pop window) ,the installation gets completed .It don't show any error.

please help me. 

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If I remember right, by the time it asks for the driver DVD, LabVIEW should already be installed completely.


Do you have administrator privileges?

What is the language of your OS?

Which evaluation version are you trying to install? 2010? 2011? 32bit? 64bit?

Was there ever an evaluation version installed that has expired by now?

Are you installing from DVD or from a download? Maybe the DVD is bad? Maybe the download is corrupt?

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