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tftp with 2014

I have windows 7 OS and Labview 2014

I'm using Labview 2014 to exchange tftp messages between pc and plc. I need to send more than one packet, so I send the first packet with udp protocol specyfing the size of the file and the path. The packet arrives and I receive an acknoledge but Labview doesn't catch it. The receiving udp block returns timeout error. Before the timeout time, the plc answered with five aknoledge packert, then with an Error packet.

I think this error came up after I upgrade Labview from 2012 to 2014

This is my code and the packet sent and received.


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I confirm the Labview version bad compatibility. With Labview 2012 the udp block works properly.

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I've not found any bug report about UDP communication on LV 2014.

Can you please attach the screenshot of the error you're having?


Thank you,

have a nice day.

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Labview doesn't highlight any error. I've already sent the communication log that notes a correct tftp communication. For a strange reason, maybe a bug in Labview 2014, the udp reading packet doesnt catch it.

In Labview 2012 the SAME vi catches the SAME packet from  the SAME plc with the SAME ip and program as before and it works in the right way.

I'm working with Labview 2012 waiting for some suggestions.

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Hi Fabio,


did you try also any UDP example present in the example finder, to see if with this one works?

I'm asking that because I wanted to understand if the issue is linked to this particular VI or not, since  I see from the link of the download that it can have some issue i.e. if the computers that have to communicate have different os:


Let me know,

have a nice day!


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