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I am new Labview, although I have used Labwindows/CVI
in the past. This will probably seem like a silly question
but .. here goes.

How can I create a text window that will accept strings and
display them at the end of window, complete with CRs and LFs.
All I want to do is make a simple terminal that will disply
ASCII data sent to and received from an RS232 port.

I tried making a string control, but data always gets
overwritten whenever I enter a new string.


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Hi Ken,
You should take the present contents of the String Control and add the
new string to it using 'Concatonate Strings'. Write the result back to a
local variable of the String Control.
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I not too sure what is happening when your data gets overwritten. You should use the serial port example file(example file folder) and enter your data in the approriate string control.
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This can be a bit tricky, probably the best way is to keep a seperate string control with key focus that the user types data in and then display it in a seperate indicator. The input string control can even be hidden off screen so that it appears as though you are typing directly into the indicator. This will take a little bit of coding to get it to act exactly how you want.

I've atached a very basic example that should at least get you started. It generates a random string every 30 seconds to simulate data coming back from the com port.

Good luck!
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