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text message to cell phone

You probably don't have the right mail server specified. You need to get the name of your SMTP mail server which will be different than the name of your outlook mail server. I have a mostly friendly IS department that I was able to get the name from. I say mostly friendly because they quickly provided the name of the server but then several months later, changed the name and never told me in advance.
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Does sending a text to your phone this way treat the text as a text or an email.

My cell phone does not have a data plan, so I can not check emails.
I do however have a text messaging plan.


Which way will the message be sent?

Cory K
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Speacking purely from an AT&T customer stand point:


I coin an email to myself and send it to: <my 10-digits>


I then receive the message (in 160 char chunks) on my phone as a regular SMS message(s).

*Standard text messenging fees apply. Not available in all areas. 😉

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My first thought when I read text messages and mobile phones is SMS messages sent with a GSM-modem, so I am a bit suppriced when that possibility has not been mentioned yet - especially when you mentioned in your first post that you want to send a message to any phone.


A GSM modem and SIM card will cost you ~250$, so that might be out of your budget. (*?)


However - with a GSM modem connected you can use your serial port and labview's VISA functions to send "AT-commands" to it, and those commands allow you to control the modem just like a mobile phone. Sending SMS-messages would be the mobile-phone function youre after 🙂


(*A cheaper way could be to connect a cheap regular mobile phone to your computer trough i.e. bluetooth or USB cable. Most mainbrand phones support AT-commands, but if your budget allows it I would recomend a proper GSM modem) 

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Ok here's a bad idea for several reasons, but the cheapest if it works.


There are several websites that claim they allow you to send free text messages, here's a couple I found


You could use ActiveX and have a browser window which sent out the text automatically.  I think some have Captcha built in but some don't. 


But then you are relying an someone elses website to be up, during the critical moment of needing to send out a message.  And you're sending personal information on an unsecured website.

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Well I ran my VI and spammed by brothers phone Smiley Very Happy to test it.

I used <---- verizon phone number.


He got the text, but he has a blackberry with a data plan (so he can get emails).

When I tried the exact same VI to my phone, without a data plan, I did not get the email.


Should I be using the SMTP email functions? Or are these only for emails?

Cory K
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