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temperature humidity transmitter

I recently came across a relative humidity/temperature transmitter model HX94C by Omega Engineerign Inc.  I don't have any info on this product and I am looking to see if anyone has used it?  Are these used in hospitals or medical environments?  I plan on using one of them in a clean lab I have but I have a few extras if someone is interested.



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I have not used that particular model, but I have used other Omega humidity transducers.  Our application was a process control model for teaching purposes.


Would your device be in an environment where chemical or thermal sterilization is required?  I doubt the devices would survive thermal sterilization.



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Thanks for the response.  I use it in an optics lab where I need to moniter the humidity and the temperature for optical coatings.  This unit is over-kill for what I need but it works so what the heck.  I picked 5 of them up in a package deal and I would be interested in knowing if anyone out there needs one.


Thanks again



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