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Hello. I am currently performing research with a Tektronix oscilloscope DPO7254. I am looking to create a VI  that utilizes the fast frame feature of the oscilloscope. Is there a pre-built VI that could give an example of how to connect fast frame with labview?

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Go to the Tools menu -> Instrumentation -> Find Instrument Drivers to see if anything is available there from the manufacturer.

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"FastFrame" is a segmented memory option that allows you to store "frames" of digital data based on some trigger criteria.  It is a way to better collect and observe short, high speed events without wasting huge amounts of the scope's precious high speed memory.  You could probably use LabVIEW to set up the criteria and various options of the FastFrame feature just like you could use it to program any other scope option.  You could read back the waveforms that were collected with FastFrame just like any other collected waveform.  But "utilizing the fast frame feature" and "connect fast frame with labview" doesn't really make any sense to me as applied to LabVIEW (a computer programming language).  

What are you expecting LabVIEW to do for you?



BTW, I used to use Tektronix a lot so out of curiosity I loaded the 7000-series driver through the IDN.  Sorry to say that there's nothing at all specific to FastFrame but that was a good suggestion as there might have been some setup/trigger/save functions that you could have used as a convenience.


Here's an app note on FastFrame at least  Smiley Happy:

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I am trying to create a vi that runs fast frame for multiple pulses, averages out the frames that have the same index, and display those averages. I was hoping to have a pre-built program using fast frame available so that I could understand where to start. 

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OK, well as I said I didn't see any FastFrame specific VIs in the 7000 driver package but that doesn't mean there aren't any ways to set up FastFrame with them.  I didn't look through every parameter in the config VIs so that's the place to start.  Even if you have to program most of your functionality it's always nice to have the palette for your instruments.


If you haven't done so already:  Help > Find Instrument Drivers...  Then select Tektronix and type your scope model into the search box and press SEARCH.

That will take you to a page with the driver package.  Install it, restart LabVIEW and you will have a new palette under Instrument IO > Instr Drivers > Tektronix 7000 and also a new set of examples for that scope in Help > Find Examples... Hardware IO > Instrument Drivers > Plug & Play.


I actually took a quick look through the config Vis and the examples and didn't find anything concerning FastFrame.  I think the feature is just too specific to the scope to be handled in a LabVIEW API.  You may have to set up your scope manually and just use LabVIEW to read in the waveforms and process your data.  You could also try the Tektronix website/forums and see if anyone has done something similar.  You might get lucky and there's a Tektronix-made VI to suit your purpose.


There's also an Instrument Control forum here you could try but most of them monitor this forum as well:


Good luck!  BTW, Thanks a lot...  Now I have a bad case of scope envy! Smiley Sad

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