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tdms time column



How can I add a column of time(real time including data) by using TDMS express. My code is uploaded with this post. Thank you all!



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The Express VI has a configuration for X Value (Time) columns, you can double click the express VI to configure it.


If you need any more configuration or add any addtional information (like channels or properties), I would recommend you use TDMS nodes in LabVIEW, programming -> file I/O -> TDM Streaming.

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Thank you for your reply.


I mean the absolute time(with data in it) rather than the time begin with 0

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Write to Measurement File does not write time in that format. Use another function such as Export Waveforms to Spreadsheet File or the regular Write to Spreadsheet File where you would create your own timestamp array.

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Thank you Dennis,


There is a Labview code which can record absolute time using express VI. But I didn't see the difference in its setting. when I copy it to another VI, the time change back to relative time. I don't know what's going on.

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What LabVIEW code and what Express VI are you talking about? I've already given you my understanding of the Write to Measurement File.

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Hi Dennis, Could you please let me know how to contact engineer of NI. I have service ID, but when I enter the series number, it says system error.

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Hi Ivy, 


Please look at the other forum on which you are posting about this topic. I think the example code I posted there will help you. Thanks. 




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