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tdms runtime 8.2 error 1

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I have two arrays with xy-plot data that I want so save to a tdms file and also write some further information about the plot. When I couldn't get this to work in a built executable I scaled down the problem and found that there was problem with LabView tdms and runtime engine. I can't write channel names when I’m saving channel data, it doesn't matter if I’m writing a group name or not.

I've attached two printscreens of my application; the top one doesn’t create any tdms-file after being compiled but works fine when I run it in LabView. The bottom application creates a file when I’m running it but results in a pop-up LabView error that shows a memory error (memory.cpp, line 342, LabView 8.2.1).

Code compiled in LabView
Runtime engine 8.2

Is there any better solution for what I want to do? Or any solution of the runtime problem?

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Any LabView guru out there who can help me?
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Not sure what that might be. A good thing to try would be to compile and run using the same version, e.g. 8.2.1. Just in case there is some form of version conflict.

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Ok, I'll try that.

Do you know if anyone else has experience this problem?

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I upgraded to LV and compiled it... And now it works, it seems that 8.2 had some conflict in tdms write with channel names.


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Actually, that rings a bell now. As far as I can recall, you'll also be fine if you pass an array of channel names (with just one element) into TDMS Write.
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