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take a photo using a laptop or USB camera in LabVIEW

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has anyone used a USB or built-in laptop camera to take a photo in LabVIEW? If yes, can you please share the code? Appreciate it.





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I am not talking about using a specialized camera which needs to use a specialized LabVIEW toolkit, instead, it might just be some Microsoft Windows built-in calls. Just like what "Microsoft Camera" App does. 

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The easiest way is to use IMAQdx which is part of the vision acquisition toolkit. (Warning: this requires a separate run time license if you want to run in  an executable on another machine, ~£400 from memory)


This link lists to compatible camera protocols:


Do you have access to this module?


Edit: Further thoughts....If you don't have access to this module or your camera isn't compatible, you may be able to get dll's from the camera manufacturers website or use an open source sdk, see this thread

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Accepted by topic author TulaRen
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Yes, that's exactly what I am looking for. Many thanks.



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