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takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy system in Labview, Matlab

Hello! I am trying to make a neuro-fuzzy controller for an inverted pendulum in Labview. For this I've created a ANSIF neural network in matlab, witch is improving a Takagi-Sugeno .fis file (the fuzzy controller in matlab). I want to put this .fis file in labview.  Can I do that with matlab script?


What other possibilities I have for creating a neural network in labview?.. I mean, for a neuro-fuzzy controller.. 🙂



Thank you for any idea!




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Hi Emilia,


Please have a look at this post. To do it graphically, it appears that Mathscript is the only method--the other option is to call Matlab from the command line as suggested.


Ipshita C.

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Hello Emilia

Its since a long time but please did you succeed to do Neuro-fuzzy by mathscript?



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