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synchronizing PCMCIA CAN with PCI 6036E



I'm using PCI 6036E for data acquisition and PCMCIA CAN for driving coils. I need to synchronize both this cards.

I know that on PCI card , we have slot for connecting(synchronizing) with Grey ribbon, but PCMCIA CAN series 2 with1-port has 2 slots

one for CAN_H and CAN_L measurements and other slot i guess it's fior synchronizing.


 Now my query is how to synchronize both these card, do we get a cable that has connectors that fit into PCI slot and as well in PCMCIA slot.


I dont think so it's an issue even after we get the synchronizing cable, please post suggestions about this.


May i get the part number of the synchronizing cable that fit the purpose.


Thank for going through the details




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