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synchronize the DUT 40MHz reference clk with PXie System?


I am using the  PXie-7962r with Pxie-5781&PXie-6583 adapter modules ,Then how to synchronize  the DUT 40Mhz reference clk with PXie System with above Ni cards?

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Hi! I assume you want to use the 40 MHz clock from your DUT to clock the digital communication with the 6583 adapter module, is that correct? The easiest way to do that would be to hook up your external clock to the 6583's STROBE input. I'd check out the NI 6583 CLIP help  and the NI 6583 Continuous Acquisition DDR - External Clock.lvproj example that are included with the FlexRIO driver.


For the 5781, unfortunately it cannot accept an external 40 MHz reference clock, but you could use the 40 MHz DUT clock as a sample clock through the CLK IN input. Alternatively, if you had a timing and sync module like the 6674T, you could use it to PLL the backplane reference clock to your external 40 MHz clock, effectively PLLing your 5781 sample clock to the external clock through the backplane.

Rob B
FlexRIO Product Manager
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