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switching from 7.1 to 8.2 oh crap

OK guy and gals, I am changing from 7.1 to 8.2. in 8.2 when I try to open an preexisting  vi I get the broken arrow with an error message stating that because some sub vi do not have a block diagram. Error code 11.

Fine, I can open up the sub vi. In an old 7.1 and click on file/properties and go to security setting but all the bullets are grayed out, you can see that the line for lock without password has been checked but I can not change anything. I guess the original guy that created these subs, for some strange reason did not want people to modify them. And yes he is long gone.

How do you get permission to uncheck this so that I can get to the block diagram?

Please keep in mind that I am not a programmer just a tech that limps through this.



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The error message told you what's wrong - the VI has no block diagram, so you have no way of seeing it. This means that at some point, the guy who created it did a save with options and explicitly removed the diagrams.


Without the diagram, 8.2 can't recompile the VI and so will not be able to run it, so basically you're hosed unless you can get the original VIs.


There is one workaround which is to compile the VIs into a DLL and then call them using the 7.1 run-time or by opening a VI server connection to a running 7.1 application which will run the actual VIs, but it would probably be easier for you in the long term to find the original VIs or even rewrite them.

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Thanks, kinda thought that, I was hoping is was just locked out. now it is child proof.


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