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sweeping issue(Min to Max and back to Min)

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I have a tunable laser which is suppose to do a sweeping from Min to Max and then back to min.

For some reason there seems to be an extra step after  the Maximum wavelength as shown below.

Strange part is that it seems to occur only when i have set a wavelength that has 1 decimal place or 4 decimal places.

I'm relatively new to labVIEW, Please HELP? any advise would be helpful.








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This sounds like a floating point accuracy problem.  Every language fights this.


What you should do is calculate how many steps up should be performed and then do comparison on the step number (an integer).


Also, why use the formula node?  A simple case structure would take care of the logic.

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Thanks! This is actually a sample program that came with the device and so i decided to make modifications to it.

Thanks a lot will try it out later on.

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