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subvi call fails with built application but works OK with Development system

I have an application that runs fine when I am running the Development system. However, when I build the application into a compiled application and run it stand alone a subvi within the mail application fails and halts the program. I am running LV 8.6.

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You mention mail.  Are you using the internet toolkit?


How about attaching the VI or a screenshot of the error message?


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Sorry that is a typo. It should read  The main vi is an extensive propriatory program.  I will attempt to capture a picture of the error message.
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So the error is labled "Null Window". Attached is a copy of the error message.
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Check your build settings and make sure that the build process is not removing the front panel from any subVIs for which you need to display the front panel.  Run a search on this forum for "null window" and you'll see lots more discussion on this error.
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One thing I screw up all the time is when I use "Current VI's Path" or the "Default Directory"... That can (and usually will) change when you build the executable.
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The null window was being caused by the fact that the Sub vi setup node did not match the front panel visibility setting in the subvi itself. Once I made these match the problem went away and I was able to get the compiled version to work. Interestingly, once I got it to work I was later able to manipulate the subvi setup node without adjusting the front panel visibility setting in the subvi itself.
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