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string to 32 bit integer

Can anybody guide me how to convert string to 32 bit Integer? I am trying to convert it but getting some error. Can anybody please look at attached VI and guide me where is the mistake. 







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i am sorry, but neither your post nor the VI shows what you want to achieve. I assume that you get a numeric string (i.e. a string with numeric symbols only) which you want to convert into an array of numeric values.


Your VI on the other hand shows a "binary" string. So another option would be: take 32 elements of the string, convert it to a 32bit integer, then proceed with the next 32 characters.

This would require though that the string only contains '1' and '0' and no other character.


Please provide more information.



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What are you expecting for an output?  What is the format of your string?


Assuming it is to be a 32 character string of just "0" and "1", then Scan From String will be your friend here.

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