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storing data to file

Hi All,


I have simulated a daq with four analog input channels(voltage). I set sampling rate of 50KS/s and i want to acquire samples for 5 seconds, hence set no of samples to 250K Samples. Now i want to store these 4 input channel's data in 4 files for each channel in .dat format. I tried making a VI. But its not working. only one sample is getting stored in each file where it has to store 250K samples. I am new to labview and hence unable to sort out this problem.

I need your valuable suggestions and help. My version of Labview is 8.0. Hence please if u do any changes please do it in Labview 8.0 version.


VI is attached for your kind reference.  

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I have similar problem, I'm getting ADC data sample via RS232 and I want to store all data into a file.

How can I do ? is there any VI ready?


Thanks for your help,


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You need to open the file references outside of the loop, then use the write to file VI to append new data to the files.

Currently, you open the files each loop iteration, which sets the cursor at the beginning of the file causing data to be overwritten.

- Cheers, Ed
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